Islington Fairer Together

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Building a fairer Islington

We’re determined to make Islington fairer

We want this to be a place where everyone – whatever their background – has a decent chance for a long and healthy life, lived on their own terms.

Our borough has great strengths. It’s a place of fantastic energy, diversity and assets: thriving businesses, a passionate and committed voluntary sector, excellent public services with a long history of working well together and – most importantly – the 240,000 people who live here.

However, despite these strengths, life is still not fair for too many people in our borough. Over the last ten years, austerity, unaffordable housing and rising living costs have exacerbated poverty, inequality and homelessness. Brexit has also heightened uncertainty about the future. 21.7% of people live in income deprived households with 47.5% of our children growing up in poverty.

The Fairer Together Partnership has been established to bring together a range of organisations in Islington to confront the challenges local people are facing. We believe that if we put our collective energy and resources behind shared goals, principles and ways of working, we will be able to create better solutions. We need local people to be part of the development and delivery process too.